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Art Frequency

Art Frequency


since 2011
We’re a highly responsive and passionate group of elite artists, tech enthusiasts and creative types. Consistently delivering powerful 3d material and stories for our clients using the latest technology.
Generating enthusiasm for projects with 3D has never been more effective and fun with Art Frequency. We create client focused experiences meant to inspire audiences.



Photorealistic renderings, fully animated HD experiences (walkthrough, fly-through video, virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 panoramics). We have experty working from houses interior design, urban plannings, to big scale facilities.


Create a customized scene or bring to life a 3D animation, combine live action footage with CGI, fully interactive video, brochures and BIM services. We give a solution to advertising agencies in search of innovation and ways of simplifying their lives.


Whether you’re looking to produce a 3D model of your product in its packaging to use for promotional purposes, illustrate it in a customized scene or bring it to life in a 3D animation, computer-generated imaging is a truly beneficial solution.

Why chooce us?

We’re Punctual

We use a centralized relationship management system that provides a single location for all files, notes, feedback and iterations. This ensures the team and client has total access to all information and shared resources for every project. We share a plan with our clients and then adjust it to suit their project’s unique set of requirements.

We’re responsible

As a small, highly focused team, our clients receive the intimate, personalized service and attention they deserve. Meaning our clients get the raw computing power of a big studio, and the flexibility of a smaller one. See the difference for yourself. We believe in doing fewer projects and working with a small group of valued clients.

We're Friendly

We will happily work within your prescribed delivery method or let us create a custom experience suited to your unique situation. Screen sharing, real time adjustments, video conferencing and filling in the gaps are only the beginning. We make it easy to reach us and provide a truly collaborative platform.

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